Do you need American Indian divorce lawyer Brian Utsey?Do you need American Indian divorce lawyer Brian Utsey?

Do you need an Indian Divorce Attorney?   Maybe.  See if any of these situations fit you: You are currently living on tribal land and are either you or your spouse are Native American.  You'll need an Indian divorce attorney.

You are currently living on tribal land but neither of you is Native America.  You do not need an Indian divorce attorney, but you can still call Indian Divorce Attorney Brian Utsey since he handles Arizona divorces in State Courts, too.

You are not living on tribal land, but either you or your spouse are Native American.  In this case you should talk to an Indian divorce attorney like Brian Utsey immediately.  The case might need to go to tribal court and filing in state court could be an expensive waste of time.

Divorces are rarely simple

The divorce process itself doesn't have to be complicated - if both sides are in agreement on property and parenting issues.  What usually makes any divorce complicated is the emotions involved.  Having Brian Utsey, a level-headed Arizona and Indian divorce attorney, involved can help keep the process civil and will speed up the process immensely.

It's important that you fully understand every part of the divorce paperwork.  Legal documents can be very confusing.  What you don't know could cost you financially and affect your parental rights for years to come.  Once your divorce documents are filed and judge makes the ruling, changes are extremely difficult and can be very costly.

Good legal advice saves troubles later

Getting the advice of a good Arizona and Indian divorce attorney, like Brian Utsey, can save you many headaches.  As an experienced Arizona divorce attorney, Brian knows not just how to fill out the paperwork, but how to explain what each question really means to you in terms of your long-term welfare.

While the news plays up divorce battles where each party is trying to "get even," Brian's experience is that most of his clients just want to "get through with the divorce and move on."  That mindset can lead to someone not asking for what is rightfully theirs.  Arizona and Indian divorce attorney Brian Utsey will help you set a strategy to work out what's best for you (and your children if there are any that might be involved).

Your initial consultation is FREE.

Finding the right attorney to represent you in your divorce is an important decision.  Please call us and take advantage of our free consultation offer.  We'll listen to your concerns, explain the process and what having an experienced divorce lawyer will do to make your divorce easier.

Brian Utsey will come to you, answer your questions, and give you straight advice about whether you need a lawyer.  It's worth a call.  Brian's number is 480-538-5024.


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