American Indian Law Attorney Brian Utsey understands Indian Contract LawAttorney Brian Utsey knows Indian Contract Law

Under federal law, Indian tribes are considered “domestic dependent nations” with sovereign rights to govern their lands and people. While there are many exceptions, this is the fundamental basis of Indian contract law.

Tribal Laws govern your contract

This means that each tribe is free to decide how they govern contracts between tribal governments and outside companies and individuals. They also can govern contracts between outsiders and tribal members or their companies.

Tribal sovereignty gives tribes complete power over all contracts and they can negate any and all provisions of an Indian contract unless the issue of tribal sovereignty is dealt with correctly beforehand.

Every Tribe has different laws

To complicate matters, every tribal government has it's own set of laws, some of which may be very different than standard U.S. Law.

Indian contract law and the issue of tribal sovereignty are complex, and have cost many unknowing companies and individuals tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Law Offices of Brian Utsey is knowledgeable and experienced with the intricacies of Indian contract law. It would be a prudent decision to consult an Indian law attorney like Brian Utsey before entering into any tribal or Indian contract.

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