Tribal Sovereignty is an important American Indian Law conceptTribal Sovereignty is a primary American Indian Law Concept

American Indian tribes have Tribal Sovereignty, which simply means they have sovereign immunity to lawsuits similar to other government entities.  In some ways, tribal sovereignty goes beyond the sovereign immunity extended to other government units, like the states.

This might make a tribal government seem more like a foreign government, but in reality court cases have chipped away at total sovereignty.

However, if you're doing business with an Indian tribe, you may be under the authority of a sovereign tribal government - and your right to sue may be severely limited.

Failure to understand Tribal Sovereignty can be very expensive

As the former director of a Tribal legal services office, I can't tell you how many cases were dismissed simply because contracts didn't take tribal sovereignty into account.  An outside law firm would file suit and lose their case out of hand.

Disputes will occur in today's society. Indian law attorney Brian Utsey can help you write a contract that will set aside tribal sovereignty.  As long as both parties feel the contract is fair and sign in good faith, it will be upheld in Tribal, State, or Federal Court.

Arizona's Indian Tribes need your products and services

Arizona's Indian tribes have need of many services and products and are good customers.  Outside companies just need to take justified precautions with specialized contract language that will stand up in court should the need arise.  Attorney Brian Utsey will help you make sure you're treated fairly.

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